“Octopus’ takes “Root’


Newsroom computer system specialist Octopus Newsroom has supplied and installed an Octopus6 NRCS for DIRECTV Sports Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of DIRECTV which operates three regional sports networks branded as Root Sports. The Octopus6 NRCS is now reported to be handling 10% of all Major League Baseball broadcasts.

The Root Sports project required Octopus NRCS operation on the Mac OS X platform and has involved two installations, at Seattle and Pittsburgh. The delivered Octopus6 feature set includes the Tablet Client. Offering three distinct tablet views for Rundown, Anchor and Media it makes the live status of the NRCS available to those on the studio floor including the director and anchor.

Tom Scholle, Root Sports chief engineer comments, “We are very excited about using the mobile applications and see Octopus being used by us at professional sports venues across the country. Octopus is the start of a Newsroom 2.0 Solution that Root Sports is building.’

“We are delighted that Root Sports has joined our steadily growing list customers in the USA,’ comments Petr Stokuc, CEO Octopus Newsroom. “Every customer in every country has unique requirements and building that flexibility into our NRCS has once again proved to be a winning formula. We look forward to continuing this successful business relationship with Root Sports.’


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