Mandatory electronic comms equipment approval


South Africa is currently experiencing an increase in the supply and demand of electronic communications equipment due to the continued technological developments in the communications sector. To this end the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) hereby gives notice to all interested stakeholders about the publishing of the Draft Type Approval and the Draft Labelling Regulations; both of which are aimed at addressing the approval and certification of electronic communication equipments in the country.

It has come to the attention of the Authority that some of the electronic communication equipments are being sold, leased and/or used by consumers without the necessary approval or certification by the Authority. In addition, the use of some of these electronic communication equipments may result in harmful interference to the operation of electronic communication networks, malfunctioning of other electronic and electrical equipments as well as possible harm to the general public.

In making interventions, the Authority published these draft regulations for public comments and to streamline the type approval framework and labelling requirements to be in line with the laws governing electronic communication services.

The Draft Labelling Regulations makes provision for, among others, all electronic communication equipments that have been type-approved and have received a type-approval certificate to bear a legible ICASA label that is permanently affixed to such equipments. The label must be affixed to the equipment before such equipment is made available for sale, lease or is supplied in any way whatsoever.

On the other hand, the Draft Type Approval Regulations will culminate in putting in place the framework for equipment certification and approval of type that is non-discriminatory and transparent; inspires trust and confidence in equipment suppliers, service providers and the general public.

The two draft regulations can be accessed from Any enquiries must be directed to Albert Ntavhaedzi at (011) 566 3855 or Public comments from all interested stakeholders on both draft regulations are to reach the Authority by close of business on 15 February 2013.


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