Thomson Broadcast AG becomes Ampegon


With the official registration of the new brand “Ampegon’ at the registration office in Baden, Switzerland the name change of the former Thomson Broadcast AG and its sister companies has been completed. Thomson Broadcast AG is now Ampegon AG and Thomson Broadcast GmbH, Germany, became Ampegon Antenna Systems GmbH.

The Australian Sales office will be renamed to Ampegon AG (Australia) and the Beijing operations will be renamed within the coming months to Ampegon Science & Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd.

Ampegon will serve the global radio transmission markets including scientific applications and green technologies with a complete product range tailored to all needs of their customers.

At the occasion of the official registration of Ampegon the new website of the company has been launched at

The first public appearance of the company under the new name and logo will be at Broadcast Exhibitions and Conferences in 2013, starting with BES India at the end of January in Delhi.


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