Multi-view monitoring solution


Cinegy Multiviewer enables the user to monitor streams from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other sources simultaneously. It features a robust alert system for signal problems as well as meters for audio and VU analysis.

The monitor works using ordinary Ethernet and does not need any special hardware to run – a standard PC or workstation will do.

Cinegy Multiviewer is easy to manage due to its fully customisable interface. Multiple SD and HD sources can be displayed in windows, adjustable for size, position and resolution, on a single display – or multiple displays, allowing you to monitor as many channels as you need.

All streams and channels can be simultaneously monitored from any station in the network, with indicators displaying the current status of each channel in real-time mode. Each channel preview is equipped with this set of preview components and indicators.

When combined with Cinegy Gateway it is possible to monitor streams simultaneously, achieving the same results as hardware multi-monitor solutions but with greater functionality and far less cost. This software solution offers a number of advantages over hardware devices that monitor SDI feeds.

Cinegy Multiviewer can display a multiplexed feed from a single, standard satellite receiver, and therefore receive 16 or more channels simultaneously rather than just one. Cinegy Multiviewer can then run on any standard PC, to monitor any incoming or outgoing signal wherever and however it is required. This works perfectly in a control room and can now be deployed more widely across a facility as the costs for wiring and hardware are no longer an obstacle.

The multi-monitor display shows the channel name, the audio level indicators and the real-time video preview playing the incoming video in the real-time. In addition the signal availability indicators (“alarm indicators’) check for signal presence of the RTP signal, the video stream and the audio channels. If any signal is lost, the corresponding indicator starts blinking and an alert is sent.


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