New portable TV gets walking


DStv Mobile has launched the Walka 7, a portable TV with a seven inch screen and enhanced visual and audio quality. The device is simple and easy to use, allowing customers to switch on and use it immediately.

Says DStv Mobile CEO Mark Rayner: “The massive growth in new technologies seen both locally and across Africa has shown consumers’ readiness and appetite for innovative intuitive devices like the Walka 7. DStv Mobile has thus launched the Walka 7, providing subscribers with a device that has a larger screen and improved battery life.’

The Walka 7 can be used to access all of the great content subscribers have come to expect from DStv Mobile, including sport, music, general entertainment and children’s programming. DStv Premium subscribers can access DStv Mobile at no extra monthly subscription fee.

Walka 7 has a signal strength and battery indicator in the user interface and an antenna that can be extended and positioned vertically to improve reception where necessary.


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