Defining that”broadcast feel’


The new Sachtler Ace combines legendary Sachtler reliability with precision
German engineering to create an affordable, high-quality professional fluid head
and tripod.

Compact and lightweight with smooth, intuitive operation, it offers outstanding
balance, accuracy and control – giving the operator all the confidence, flexibility
and support needed to produce that defining image.

Sachtler’s renowned engineer Leonhard Jaumann has developed a completely
new and patented damping technology, the Synchronised Actuated Drag (SA-
drag). Jaumann has been with Sachtler since the company started and worked
on its first ever fluid head.

The SA-drag guarantees constant and consistently repeated drag using entirely
new technology. When an operator turns a pan or tilt drag knob to increase or
decrease the drag, the precisely designed damping segments inside the head
engage or disengage to provide the desired amount. This provides levels of
control, smoothness and reliability that the user can immediately appreciate.

The glass fibre reinforced composite head makes the tripod ultra lightweight but
it is durable and sturdy with robust rubberised feet.

Ace is ideally suited for HDV camcorders and video-enabled DSLR cameras. With
a payload range of 0 to 4kg, a five-step counterbalance and the SA-drag, the
Sachtler Ace enables a genuine “broadcast feel’.


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