Instant 2D to 3D conversion


SterGen uses the normal 2D sports feed and automatically converts it on-the-fly into high quality 3D in real time, with lower operational costs, while providing a viewer experience that is similar and at times even better than native 3D. Sports such as football, tennis and baseball can be accommodated by the SterGen system.

The innovative technology solves the flatness problem of the wide angle shots in sports venues while embodying the sports specific variables into the low cameras as well, thus providing a superior and scalable 3D viewing experience.

Production workflows can support a variety of needs and configurations such as full 2D →3D conversion of venue feeds. This can be done in the comfort of the studio or anywhere else on the video path.

For hybrid production SterGen’s system can be deployed in the stadium and integrated with the outside broadcast (OB) equipment. Typically the conversion is done for the high 2D cameras while native 3D is used for the low cameras. The system can also handle archive and highlights real time conversion (both SD and HD material).

With 3D graphics Integration SterGen detects depth changes and matches video and graphics depth of field according to the parallax

In terms of multi-screen delivery and display SterGen’s system can take a single 2D source and simultaneously produce several 3D feeds fitting the different stereo requirements of different display screens – cinema, TV sets, smartphones and tablets.


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