Being smart about quality control


At the IBC trade show in Amsterdam in September, AmberFin, a leading developer of file-based media ingest, transcoding and quality control solutions for content owners, broadcasters, sports organisations and post-production houses, will highlight the need for media facilities of all types to regard quality control in a very different way.

Says AmberFin CTO Bruce Devlin: “Very often staff fix media file problems and generate costs that are hidden from them but still impact on their bottom line profitability. AmberFin Unified Quality Control (UQC) is unique in the market in the way it increases confidence in the quality of media files, reduces cost linked to their production and adds value to the whole diversity of media products that a facility creates by highlighting real faults whilst removing the false negative and false positive results that so many other QC systems struggle to identify.”

AmberFin’s message is that quality control in file-based workflows, if properly applied, can reduce delivery time and cost whilst increasing efficiency.

Alongside the latest enhancements to its UQC system, AmberFin will showcase the latest significant developments in its iCR file-based content ingest and transcoding system. Addressing enterprise level applications, AmberFin will provide a European debut for iCR’s multi-transcode option, which enables users to run up to eight different transcode nodes simultaneously on a single PC, thereby dramatically reducing the cost per channel while obtaining even better use of their PC hardware.

AmberFin iCR’s new multi transcode option brings increased quality, improved productivity, and ease of integration to iCR users. Scalable across both CPUs and networks, iCR’s multi-transcode option can be configured with one, two, four or eight nodes (with video, audio, caption and QC processing in each node) to allow customers to choose the right configuration for their applications and budgets, and easily add additional capacity to meet growing requirements.

At the same time AmberFin will introduce a series of specialist transcode and ingest packages that offer the company’s trademark quality and reliability, but at more affordable price points. These devices empower users to achieve major enhancements within their workflows through the simple integration of these cost efficient AmberFin products.


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