Satellite provider expands operations


SatLink Communications Ltd has expanded its operations into Asia by opening a new office in Singapore. The company will use its strategic location in the Middle East, connecting East and West, to provide broadcasters and content owners with the ability to deliver Asian content to Europe, Africa, Middle East and Americas.

SatLink operates two MCPC (Multi Channel Per Carrier) platforms on the AsiaSat 5 C-band satellite, delivering content for tier 1 international and news broadcasters to Asian Pay TV markets. Sporting highlights and major breaking news stories previously broadcast by SatLink include live events such as the UEFA Championship League, Beijing Olympics, FIFA World Cup and live footage of the Japanese Earthquake, which were distributed out of and into Asia using SatLink’s teleport and HD Playout Centre.

David Hochner, SatLink’s CEO commented: “The Asian market is one of the largest in the world and growing at an incredible speed. With the expansion of our operations we are providing a bridge between East and West and enabling broadcasters in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas to distribute content both into and out of Asia. SatLink is providing a strategic gateway for western content to reach this versatile and content rich continent and look forward to working with new partners in the region.”


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