SA co opens LA office


Film Afrika Worldwide is launching a Los Angeles office under the helm of CEO David Wicht. His move to Hollywood builds on the success of recent projects like Chronicle, which topped the American box office earlier this year after shooting in Cape Town with Film Afrika.

Says Wicht: “After years of working with all the major studios and independents, I’m looking forward to being closer at hand and being immediately accessible to producers seeking to shoot or collaborate with South Africa. The presence of a Los Angeles office means I can engage directly with production partners and facilitate the workflow from South Africa, resulting in a faster turnaround and the ability to give a first-hand account of shooting in South Africa.’

He notes that Chronicle was set in Seattle but shot in South Africa, beating out competitors such as Vancouver and Eastern Europe.

“The success and look of film, which utilised the state-of-the-art Cape Town Film Studios, has generated a lot of interest in filming in South Africa. Similarly, the Department of Trade and Industry’s decision to remove the cap on the rebate, and raise the rebate percentage for serviced films, has been a terrific boost to South Africa and has made the country extremely attractive as a partner and destination,’ comments Wicht.

He adds that South Africa’s burgeoning post-production and VFX facilities are other selling points that he will promote.

“In addition to facilitating productions shooting in South Africa, we will be developing original material with US partners for filming in South Africa,’ says Wicht.
Film Afrika’s South Africa headquarters, managed by one of finest and most experienced teams of line producers, accountants, financial and production managers, will provide all the production, budgeting and logistic support for films and series arising through the LA office.

Film Afrika’s impressive track record of producing major international film projects in Southern Africa includes the Emmy-winning productions Gettysburg and America: The Story of Us, the Emmy-nominated No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and Endgame, and the upcoming miniseries Labyrinth, for Tandem Communications and Scott Free Films.

Film Afrika is currently in production on Videovision Entertainment’s much anticipated adaptation of Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, Long Walk To Freedom, with Anant Singh as producer and Film Afrika’s Vlokkie Gordon returning to her roots as a line producer.

“We were very honoured to be entrusted with the management of such a prestigious and iconic story,’ says Wicht.


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