Support for smaller form cameras


German DOP Danna Kinsky recently tried out the new Ace fluid head and tripod system by Sachtler, part of Vitec Videocom, for her Canon EOS 7D on a public service announcement about anti-gay bullying in schools, produced in connection with the Untold project.

The Ace tripod system is designed for camera packages weighing from 0 to 4 kg (0 to 8 lbs). Says Kinsky: “Smaller cameras actually present more of a challenge to a tripod than larger cameras, because there’s so little mass to help smooth the panning and tilting moves. I’ve shot before with small tripods that want to inch along the floor when you pan, which means you have to hold the sticks in place with one hand while panning with the other. It makes me a more confident shooter to know that I don’t have to deal with problems like these when I’m using the Ace.’

Sachtler’s engineers developed a completely new patented SA-drag™ (Synchronised Actuated Drag), which guarantees the familiar accuracy and repeatability that Sachtler’s larger tripod systems are famous for. With three vertical and three horizontal grades of drag (+0), the SA-drag™ enables fine adjustment for precise panning and tilting, no matter how small the camera package. Additionally Ace has five different counterbalance settings.

Kinsky adds: “The Ace is stable enough that it stays put when you’re panning, and the legs are substantial enough that there’s no backlash when you start or stop a pan.’ Ace can be tilted through a range of +90° to -75°.

She also appreciates the ruggedness of Ace. “When it’s time to move the camera to a new location, I easily adjust the mid-level spreader and the sticks come together, and I’m off to my next spot. The Ace is rugged enough to handle circumstances that happen on set.’


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