Casting its light further


Cosmolight, a company specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of professional lighting and suspension systems for television, cinema, theatre and architecture, has acquired the historic Italian market leader brands IFF and QUARTZCOLOR.

Francesco Rocchi, founder of Cosmolight, state: “This acquisition will allow us to expand further because of the increased product range we will now be able to offer our customers. Our own products are highly compatible with those of IFF and QUARTZCOLOR. We are now able to complete our geographic presence in the international market.

“Cosmolight’s wish is to revive the QUARTZCOLOR and IFF brands. The former boasts more than 50 years and is famous for the creation of products which have become ubiquitous in the lighting industry, such as the as Red Head, the Blond and the Bambino.’

Over the course of their history the two brands have gained a reputation worldwide for professional lighting and Cosmolight aims to bring passion and quality back to the production of innovative lighting and suspension in the domestic and international market.
“I am especially gratified,’ continues Rocchi, “by the symbolic value which the return of the historic names QUARTZCOLOR and IFF under the control of an Italian company represents. Our product expertise, presence in the market for over 35 years and our industrial structure is perfectly suited to relaunch these brands.’
Pro Sales is the Cosmolight distributor in South Africa.


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