SA border doccie at Luxor film fest


South African documentary Captor & Captive – the story of Danger Ashipala and Johan van der Mescht, will be screened at the Luxor African Film Festival in Egypt in February, as part of the official competition.

The 52-minute documentary is directed by Rina Jooste in association with the National Film and Video Foundation, and tells an emotional story of two enemy soldiers who meet 30 years after an event that changed both of their lives.

Johan van der Mescht was a South African army conscript who was captured in 1978 by Danger Ashipala, a guerilla fighting for Namibian independence. Van der Mescht was held as a Prisoner of War in Angola before being exchanged for a Russian spy, Aleksei Koslov at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin in 1982. Van der Mescht met his former captor, Ashipala in 2009, an emotional reunion to complete a story of forgiveness and redemption.

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