An enterprising solution


Miranda Technologies Inc., a worldwide provider of production, playout and delivery systems for the television broadcast, cable, satellite and IPTV industries, recently launched Enterprise Suite, which streamlines content preparation for broadcast playout and VOD publishing.

“With Enterprise Suite we bring a whole new level of efficiency to content preparation for playout. We want to optimise this process, just like we have streamlined file-based playout with iTX’, says Michel Proulx, chief technology Officer at Miranda.

“One of the key challenges facing playout operators today is streamlining back-end operations, and mitigating the risks associated with airing files from different external sources. These files now come in a wide variety of formats, and the challenge is to ensure that all mission-critical metadata is properly set and reviewed.

“With the traditional tape and server model, this review process has been performed during ingest, which has offered a certain level of confidence. This has been lost due to the increasing number of programmes and commercials delivered as pre-encoded files,’ explains Proulx.

With Enterprise Suite playout operators are able to review, normalise and approve file-based content before it goes on air. This drastically lowers risks during playout and allows playout operators to confidently increase their channel counts.

Enterprise Suite simplifies the normalisation of programme and advertising content for iTX customers, using automated workflows for analysis, review and fixing of the most important file issues. The normalisation offers support for AFD tagging, high-quality up / down video conversion, audio loudness correction, channel tagging and down-mixing and support for Closed Captions/OP47 subtitles.

This new solution has been designed from the outset to unify workflows for both linear playout and TV everywhere style VOD content delivery.


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