Dubai world premiere for Sudanese doccy


Martin Chemhere writes…Our Beloved Sudan (Sudanna Al Habib) by Sudanese filmmaker Taghreed Elsanhouri had its world premiere on 9 December at the 8th Dubai International Film Festival, which runs until 14 December with the theme Bridging Cultures, Meeting Minds.

Our Beloved Sudan is the story of the Sudan’s partition from the inside. This feature documentary recounts the political destiny of the Sudanese nation, from its birth in 1956 to its eventual partition in 2011.

Rising filmmaker Elsanhouri contrasts a personal narrative with a larger social commentary, as she searches for answers regarding the world’s perspective on Sudan’s partition, as well as the Sudanese people’s coming to terms with the events.

“My film tells the story of the Sudanese nation’s countdown to a self-determination referendum and whether the country will remain united or break apart as a result. Throughout the film I ask how Sudan got to the point where it must divide itself and how can we make peace with this eventuality’, said Elsanhouri while en-route to the Dubai International Film Festival.

The film’s dialogue is Arabic and English with English subtitles. It is directed, scripted and produced by Elsanhouri, and was filmed by cinematographer Yasar Seilf Al Deen Al Disouqi. Mohamad Mustapha edited the film.


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