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Cape Town-based company Camera Station is proud to announce that it has supplied camera equipment for two famous SABC productions – the sitcom Stokvel and the drama series Montana, produced by Roberta Durrant of Penguin Productions.

Says Camera Station’s James Macpherson: “The camera of choice was the Panasonic P2 HPX 500. This camera offers a 2/3 inch CCD and digital processing capability that allows for cine-like picture quality, which gives the client an enormous amount of choice when choosing the feel that is required for television productions of this nature. The camera also offers SD and HD.

“The P2 workflow has also made recording and editing a pleasure to work with. P2 data files are transferred at higher speeds than optical discs and hard drives so production is quicker. They can be transferred directly so there is no digitising required. All features and functions of the camera are available on the CCU/PCP panels, which enable the camera to be put into record via the vision controller when iso feeds are required.’

Durrant says she chose the Panasonic cameras because they operate tape-free while still able to record on standard definition as per SABC’s broadcast requirements. “Also, with Montana being shot both on location and in studio, these cameras were able to operate with remote vision control for studio and in a single camera set-up for location. Camera Station was able to successfully mount the mulitcam setup in studio.’

A variety of cameras are available for rental at Camera Station, including Sony and Panasonic models, as well as a Segway with leg control. A Steadicam used in conjunction with a Segway can eliminate the need for rails, cars and dollys. The off-road Segway variant opens up further possibilities with picture quality remaining sharp and smooth even on bumpy roads and trails.

Camera Station’s ancillary rental stock includes various EZFX Jibs and a Secced 6m crane and an underwater housing.

SCREENAFRICA Print Magazine – November 2011 (view here)


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