Fashion One expands coverage in Europe


GlobeCast has contracted with leading fashion broadcaster Fashion One TV to bring Fashion One to millions of new homes across Europe and Northern Africa via its capacity on the Astra satellite at 19.2ºE. 

The satellite has a footprint that covers an estimated 65 percent of the cable and satellite audience in Europe, including 42 million Direct-to-Home (DTH) homes, 55 million cable homes, and 2.3 million DTT via satellite homes (TNT Sat). Fashion One joins premium broadcasters such as France 24, TV 5 Monde, CCTV News, and others in what has become a key neighborhood in the sky over Europe and Northern Africa.

GlobeCast receives Fashion One’s signal in standard definition at its Paris teleport, where the signal is uplinked to the Astra satellite for reception by DTH viewers as well as by cable and DTT headends.

Fashion One, an international fashion and entertainment channel that focuses on beauty, glamour, style, and luxury, was founded in 2010 and is now present around the world.


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