Cameron | PACE Group picks up award at IBC


The ConnectedWorld.TV Awards presented the Judges Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry to the Cameron | PACE Group at the ConnectedWorld.TV Awards this week. The ConnectedWorld.TV Awards, which are staged by BPL Broadcast Ltd in association with IBC Connected World 2011, were presented at a Gala Dinner at the Okura Hotel, Amsterdam.

The award recognises the CAMERON | PACE Group (CPG), as a world leader in 3D production technology and services and the achievement of its co-founders James Cameron and Vince Pace in extending the frontiers of 3D globally and accelerating the broadcast industry’s transformation to 3D stereoscopic production.

Vince Pace said, “We are honored by the ConnectedWorld.TV Award’s recognition of how our methodology has enabled a profitable 3D business model for broadcasters by delivering 3D results without interrupting the 2D process.”

Said James Cameron: “Ensuring quality and best practices is critical to the continued explosive growth of 3D, and CAMERON | PACE Group is dedicated to providing quality 3D to broadcasters. Vince and I are delighted to receive this award at the ConnectedWorld.TV Awards, in association with IBC Connected World.”

Saleha Williams, Executive Director for BPL Broadcast Ltd who, along with BPL Group Chairman, Chris Boeree, presented the award said, “Vince Pace and James Cameron are technology pioneers, and CAMERON | PACE Group is making the 3D experience real in the multi-platform content arena. Having supported the success of more than 140 sports broadcasts, 27 features, and nine concert events, CPG is a clear global leader in 3D production. Thanks to their unmatched experience and technology, they are providing efficient and cost-effective 3D solutions for broadcasters, who can now deliver high quality 3D content seamlessly integrated with their 2D processes.”

Earlier at IBC, CAMERON | PACE Group announced its “CPG Certified” programme, which represents and recognises 3D technology standards and practices, ensuring the highest quality 3D experience across all content platforms.


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