Rank TV gets an upgrade


ComutaNet, South Africa largest commuter media owner, is in the process of upgrading its Rank TV service in most of the country’s provinces, with the Botshabelo Rank in the Free State being the most recent site to receive a boost. The televised billboard at this site exposes some 140,700 daily commuters to some of South Africa’s most well-loved brands. 

Advertising messages will now be broadcast in high definition (HD) LED quality with superior sound and visual impact to an attractive and economically active audience; of which 86% is comprised of commuters within the 4-7 LSM bracket and a further 13% in bracket 8-10.  

“As we complete Phase 1 of our Rank TV upgrade schedule, I become increasingly enthusiastic about the impact this boost will have for our advertisers. Our team has also received an injection of energy brought about by this tangible display of our commitment to our clients and audience,’ states Karen van Wyk, General Manager of Audio Visual and Marketing, Comutanet. 

For more information visit www.comutanet.co.za.


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