CBA event in Nairobi


The Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) is staging a three-day event in Nairobi from 20 to 22 June. It will be hosting workshops, master-classes, technical demonstrations, screenings and much lively discussion exploring digital migration and what this means for East Africa, culminating in a panel and audience discussion for TV and radio to be broadcast by CBA’s members across East Africa. This event is supported by the Commonwealth Foundation, Elizabeth R Broadcasting Fund, UNESCO Nairobi, Sadie and Nation TV.

The mornings will be filled with workshops. Building Capacity For The Digital Revolution will provide media managers, practitioners and journalists with the new skills they require to use internet communication technology and respond effectively and creatively to their changing media environment. It will support good governance and democracy by training journalists how to increase civic involvement through interactive programming and using new media. In parallel the CBA will also be running workshops for Engineers, IT Practitioners and Technologists and for Engineering Managers and other Senior Managers with a Technology or Operational brief. The theme for these workshops is It’s a Digital World….

The afternoons of 20th and 21st June will be filled with seminars, demonstrations and surprise events to explore the themes of the workshops in playful and interactive ways. There will be plenty of opportunity to contribute to, debate and imagine Digital East Africa! How are we to work in this new age? Who’s voice is relevant? Can I play with the latest technology? Yes you can!!
In the afternoon of June 22nd we will be recording a panel and audience discussion about the Digital Revolution and what it means for East Africa. Key speakers from around the region will be taking part and the host for the evening will be Kenya’s own Joseph Warungu, former Head of BBC Africa news and Current Affairs. 
The evenings of 20th and 21st June will be a celebration of the best of cutting edge, challenging and thought provoking  audio/visual content from around the world. Come and join us for this mini-festival, come and celebrate the very best of East Africa, you will be most welcome.  

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