SAE honours graduates


Forty-two students graduated from SAE Institute Cape Town on 23 March, with qualifications in Audio Production (Audio Engineering & Music Production), Digital Film Production and Animation & Visual Effects.

Philip Key, MD of Moonlighting Films (the producer of more than 1,500 commercials and more than 60 films), was the guest speaker at the graduation ceremony. Key is regarded as one of the leading figures in the film and commercials industry in South Africa for having cemented Cape Town and Johannesburg as the country’s premiere destinations for commercials and film productions.

Said Key: “The film, animation, visual effects, and audio engineering / production industries in Cape Town and Johannesburg have grown significantly over the past decade.’

According to Key this growth has put a tremendous amount of pressure on an already scarcely resourced skill base. Key further added: “In order for us to become a world class production destination we have to ensure that South African skill levels not only meet the stringent international standards, but are on par with, or preferably exceed those of our competitors’.

David Maclean, Director of SAE Institute South Africa, said: “We offer our students the unique opportunity to study towards internationally recognised tertiary qualifications. Through our global network, SAE students and lecturers are able to collaborate with colleagues and fellow students at our campuses across the globe. Upon graduation SAE students become global citizens within the film, animation, visual effects and music industries.

“Our sole philosophy is to completely blur the line between education and industry, in the context of what SAE offers versus what the industry actually requires to deem an individual employable.’

SAE Institute is the largest provider of Creative Media Education in the world and has been providing the benchmark in training since 1976. The Cape Town Campus is part of the global network of SAE Institutes that have over 50 campuses across 26 countries.


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