Technical ingenuity used to inspire leadership


As a creative way of motivating its management team, Unilever SA contracted Integrity Promotions to create an 18 ton tailor-made “theatre’ room and integrated audio visual components to provide a truly sensory experience during a recent two-day conference.

Some 350 Unilever SA staffers were exposed to a personalised  integration of surround sound, custom designed lighting and 360 degree surround blended  projection, all channeled into short and sharp presentations by seven leaders of Unilever SA. The conference was transformed into a 2011 style interactive focused session achieving greater impact of message and content sharing.

“In an environment of information overload, we were looking for a creative way of engaging and motivating our Leadership Team’ said Antoinette Irvine, Vice President HR, Unilever SA. “This format helped us to cut across the clutter and land our messages effectively.”

The delegates were reportedly delighted and inspired by the technically driven concept, which was coordinated by Dean Fourie, technical director for Integrity Promotions. A keen eye was kept on health and safety for the specialised environment. 


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