RIM joins the CTO


Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM, TSX: RIM), a global leader in wireless innovation and maker of the BlackBerry® wireless solution, has joined the CTO, the premier Commonwealth agency for Telecommunications and ICTs, as a Sector Member.

The association will allow RIM to use its Sector Membership to engage more closely with CTO’s membership of governments, regulatory agencies, ICT operating companies, other manufacturers and various ICT stakeholder institutions. As a sector member, RIM will raise greater awareness of its products and services, particularly those for the delivery of public services, in order to facilitate more efficient communications in CTO member countries.

CTO CEO Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah said, “As an intergovernmental organisation, our key objective is to facilitate the flow of knowledge by informing our members of innovative technologies, novel business models and emerging opportunities. The CTO Sector Membership is one channel which provides the private sector an opportunity to associate more closely with this inter-governmental organisation and to gain access to ICT stakeholders and decision-makers across the world. RIM has been involved with the CTO in the past and has made some important contributions to discussions in various CTO forums. The Sector Membership will help to further strengthen this relationship, and is further evidence of the value the international ICT community is increasingly placing on the objectives and work of the CTO. We are confident that RIM will find the CTO family’s reach and depth a welcome addition to their network.’

The CTO has been instrumental in facilitating networking and promoting collaboration between ICT stakeholders in the developed and developing worlds. Today, its ever-expanding circle of players in ICTs span all parts of the world, making the CTO a single window to the global ICT sector.


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