Manufacture of 3D TV sets takes off


Shipments of 3D TV sets will approach 50 million by 2015, according to ABI Research. The research company also reports that market growth will take off at the beginning of 2013.

According to industry analyst Michael Inouye, the 3D TV market is moving faster than expected. “There was widespread scepticism that production models would be available so quickly. But by June this year many TV manufacturers had 3D models in their lineups. Most 3D TVs will be Internet-connected.’
The report states that movies are expected to be a key driver, but there were certain drawbacks.. “Unfortunately the 3D movie experience doesn’t always translate well to the smaller screen,’ said Inouye. “Some sports programming is also problematic: wide fields and big stadiums just don’t lend themselves to 3D.’
On the issue of cost, digital home practice director Jason Blackwell said:. “Not only do 3D TVs command high prices, but the active infrared glasses needed for the most common 3D technology can cost $150 a pair, and glasses from different manufacturers are incompatible.
“Everything looks good in HD, but not everything looks better in 3D. Content producers should be selective about what titles they assign to 3D production release.’


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