Workshop for multimedia in dance


Renowned Swiss choreographer Nicole Seiler will be in Johannesburg from 6-16 October to facilitate a two week residency in multi-media and dance.

The basic and central questions of the workshop will be:
– how to use video in space
– how to think of video as light and not as image
– how to project video onto other surfaces but a screen

The starting point of the workshop will be to look at Seiler’s own work and experiences of multimedia projects. She will choose projection-parts of different works and actually show how it’s done and how it works. For example:
– body projections of Madame K and Pixel Babes.
– text projections of je m’appelle… onto the dancers body
– projections onto puppets or other projection surfaces (Dolls / Dolls live)
– the refilming of projections for dance-videos (4 clips pour aufnahmen)
– and others on request

This first part of the workshop will take two or three days.

Also included in the workshop will be a short part of technical coaching, talking about beamers, programs, cameras, filming etc.

The workshop participants should be choreographers or video artists who actually have a project in mind of dance and multimedia. It is limited to a maximum of six artists. Each participant should have an idea of something he/she wants to try out. They will present their ideas and start to work on them. Seiler will coach them and help them. This is the main part of the workshop and will take 7 or 8 days.

Seiler is also looking for dancers who would be interested to work with the artists on the project. The creators could work with those dancers in order to try out their ideas.

Anyone interested to take part in the workshop must phone Georgina Thomson at Dance Forum: 011 492 0709 / 082 570 3083.


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