Last call for Discop Africa registration


With just one month left before Discop Africa 4 kicks off, the organisers have announced that there are already 300 registered delegates. Of these, there are 130 buyers and 108 sellers registered, with all exhibition space sold out.

This edition of Discop Africa 4, which will take place 1-3 September 1-3 at the Hilton Nairobi is set to be an important industry event, with a greater variety of African and international content available to buyers across the continent.

From the Philippines to South Africa to the Netherlands, sales catalogues include a wide variety of genres as well as documentaries, sports events and telenovelas. There are also a  number of participants selling TV channels and technical services. 

The number of buyers attending continues to grow with over 20 African countries covered. For an up-to-date list of participants, please visit:

The Discop Africa 4 program will provide plenty of time to network and negotiate with global clients and conference sessions are also formatted to build stronger channels. A keynote session is dedicated to helping TV channels understand how to create clear channel brands, attract viewers, and bring in advertisers.  

If you would like to attend, please contact Cherise Barsell on e-mail with the word INTERESTED in the subject line.
Space is still available for:

  •  BUYERS looking for TV content, TV channels, and technical services,
  •  PRODUCERS interested in selling, partnering, and co-producing,
  • ADVERTISERS interested in barter deals and product placement opportunities,
  • VISITORS interested in learning from and networking with TV channels across the African continent,
  • and PRESS looking for the latest scoop in the African audiovisual industry.


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