Absa KKNK 2011 calls for production entries


Artists and production houses can now apply for participation during next year’s Absa KKNK, from 2 to 9 April 2011.

Application forms and programme guidelines for the 2011 festival are currently available in both Afrikaans and English on our official website at www.absakknk.co.za. The Absa KKNK welcomes applications in various disciplines, ranging from drama and comedy, dance, word art, visual art to musical theatre. Productions with classical or contemporary music can also apply.

Artists interested to perform on the various music stages can also apply now. Submissions for open-air productions which form part of the Oudtshoorn Oraloor offering which, in 2010, included work like Grond, Betesda and Taraboemdery, are also welcome. There are also opportunities for street theatre and for artists who want to participate in the second colourful festival parade.

The Absa KKNK also encourages all writers and dramatists with new scripts to enter their work, even if they do not have a particular producer, director and/or actors in mind. These scripts will still be considered by the Arts Cabinet and if the Arts Cabinet recommends that the script could be performed, the festival will approach a producer and a creative team in cooperation with the writer.

The closing date for 2011 applications is on the 31st of July 2010 – it is one month earlier than last year. The reason is to move forward the planning cycle in order to launch the festival programme earlier than for the 2010 festival. The closing date for applications on the various music stages is on the 31st of August 2010. Application forms are also available by sending an e-mail to info@absakknk.co.za or by contacting the festival office during office hours telephonically at 044 203 8600.


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