Insurance campaign focuses on truths


The TV, radio, print and digital campaign for Old Mutual’s new short-term insurance brand iWYZE was launched recently by Chillibush Group of Companies.

Jae Brits, Creative Director at Chillibush says the creative direction of the TV advertising campaign is to remain relevant to the mindset of the general public and short-term insurance.

“Much, if not all, of the advertising done for short-term insurance to date contains the same ingredients – cartoons, illustrations and computer-generated characters. The tone of advertising across the board somehow seems to have been avoiding the reality of what the consumer truly needs by sugar-coating the facts, thus resulting in “Will my insurer live up to their promises, or do I live in hope that they will?’’

Brits continues: “It was decided that our TV ad campaign would focus on industry truths and consumer perceptions towards it. We created a world where people were going about their day-to-day activities with one hand behind their back. This way of functioning seems natural to the group; however, to the viewer it’s obvious that they are struggling. As their backs are revealed, it’s noticeable that their fingers are crossed and this clearly hampers the way in which they function. The “crossed fingers’ were used as a vehicle to drive home the message that people are unaware of the true concern within the short-term insurance market; that they are wondering if they would be able to rely on their insurance company when it truly matters.

“We close off the commercial with a happy family that carries out their functions with both hands and without any restrictions. They have peace of mind, and confidence in iWYZE to deliver on their promises.’


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