Media sharing solution for radio


A new platform developed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) allows it members to share multimedia content for their websites and visual radio services. In the era of transmedia storytelling, the Euroradio Multimedia Exchange System (Euroradio MES) will revolutionise the way that members share and obtain content for their radio services.

While radio was in the past an audio-only medium, the Internet and mobile platforms now play such an important role in the way people listen, that it’s fast becoming an expectation that public service media organisations provide rich multimedia content in support of their broadcast output. Many listeners to a radio station’s news bulletin will habitually turn to the website expecting to find the video and images that make up the “DVD extras’ of radio news today.

Sourcing these elements, however, is not straightforward for journalists. Complex rules governing copyright, high fees charged by photo agencies and the huge range of sources available mean that broadcasters are often unable to find all the content that their audiences expect.

Addressing this challenge, the Euroradio MES aims to be a “one-stop-shop’ bringing together rights-cleared media from EBU Members and partner organisations including UN Multimedia and trusted freelance journalists across the world.

The Euroradio MES is the newest member of a family of exchange services offered by EBU Radio, including the Euroradio News Exchange – which supplies radio journalists across Europe with audio clips from major events – and the Eurosonic and Euroclassic concert databases.

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