Pendoring Awards restructures


Focused on promoting and rewarding outstanding Afrikaans advertising, the Pendoring Awards is now a fully-fledged Section 21 company with a board of directors complete with plenary powers and representative of all stakeholders. This year’s Pendoring Awards take place on 29 October at Vodaworld, Midrand and entries open on 24 May.

Together with the founding members, sponsors, partners and other stakeholders, the board wishes to ensure that Afrikaans not only maintains its position in the advertising environment, but also further strengthens it.

Japie Gouws, group managing director of the ATKV, has been appointed chairman of the Pendoring board, and Franette Klerck, who filled the position of senior Pendoring coordinator since 2007, is general manager.

The Pendoring board, in office for the next two years, comprises Gouws, Elzilda Becker (DEKAT), Sarel du Plessis (Media24), Karen Meiring (kykNET), Astrid de Vos (Dagbreek Trust) and Gary Stroebel (Ofm).

Says Gouws: “There are many Afrikaans-speaking people in the marketing world. They need to harness their talents for the sake of Afrikaans and convince companies to advertise in the language. Afrikaans advertising not only scores highly with the consumer, it also ensures lucrative business for the marketer.’

According to Klerck, Pendoring 2010 will come with a number of surprises, launching several new initiatives that are bound to take these advertising awards to a new level and create much excitement in the industry. “These will not only lead to renewed interest in Pendoring and Afrikaans advertising from the man in the street, but should result in a significant increase in sharp Afrikaans advertisements and Pendoring entries.’

Other Pendoring appointments are Wilma de Bruin for media liaison and PR, and Draftfcb as creator of the 2010 Pendoring marketing campaign.


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