SABC interim board cost cutting recommendations


The interim board of the SABC during its term of office issued a document listing its recommended cost saving directives in the area of management and director privileges.

The Board RESOLVED that the following cost reduction measures be implemented:

Travel & Accommodation

•     All Domestic Travel & Air Travel up to six hours- Economy Class
•     International Accommodation – $450 limit on all accommodation
•     No more than two people per Division, per event unless motivated and
      approved by GCEO
•     No conferences
•     Video Conferencing to be encouraged to help reduce costs of travel
•     No aircraft or helicopter charters without prior approval of the Board
•     No security detail or chauffeur service other than what is required
      to perform duty

Car Hire
•     All car hire to be restricted to Class B except where MPV hired for
      a group traveling together
•     People traveling to same destination to share vehicles

•     Newspaper subscriptions to be rationalized and limited to the floor
      as opposed to individuals

Television Sets in Offices
•     Television Sets in Offices to be discontinued

Home Equipment & DSTV Subscription
•     DSTV subscription for Managers to be discontinued
•     No Home equipment for Directors, only laptop, data card & Cell Phone
•     No TV License or DSTV subscription for Directors

Cell Phone & Data Card Subscription
•     Cell Phones to be rationalized and cell phone limits are to be
      strictly enforced
•     Data Cards to be rationalized and Data Card limits are to be strictly enforced


Petrol Cards
•     All Petrol Cards for Managers to be withdrawn & to be replaced with
      fuel allowance

Leave Encashment
•     All Leave encashment to be stopped immediately
•     Leave accumulation to be capped to 10 days per annum. All employees
      with excess leave, need to take all excess leave in the next six
      months else it will be forfeited


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