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As part of their collaboration with South African filmmaker, cook and television personality Justin Bonello late last year, 2.0 Media’s CEO Peter Gird and Creative Director, Jason Xenopoulos have made space for his 14 staff members at their Waterfront Studio offices.

Says Gird, “We’re excited about our agency’s expansion and the opportunity to join forces with Justin’s seasoned production team. Justin’s own track record as a world class documentary maker via his Cooked In Africa Films ensures we’re able to focus on delivering quality creative content with high production values across a variety of traditional and digital platforms.’

Bonello is best known for starring in his own cooking and travel show, Cooked, since 2006. Broadcast locally on BBC Lifestyle and in over 100 countries internationally, Cooked continues to grow in popularity and demand, and is currently in its 4th and 5th seasons of production.  Cooked In Africa Films also produces a travel documentary series, Getaway To Africa, which is broadcast on the Discovery channel; and a wine show, Exploring the Vine, which is broadcast on National Geographic. Both Shows can be viewed locally on M-Net and M-Net HD.

Says Xenopoulos, “We’re thrilled to have Justin and his team on board. Our collaboration gives us the edge in terms of producing original, advertiser funded content not yet seen in this country. Branded entertainment is all about integrating a brand’s DNA into the fabric of the content consumers are choosing to watch, and ultimately drawing customers into an intimate and meaningful dialogue with the brand.’

The 2.0 team is currently working on a branded entertainment campaign for a leading South African consumer brand, which will see the creation of an advertiser-funded television programme founded on the principle of creating and delivering tangible value to consumers via a variety of legacy and digital media.

Jason Xenopoulos, Justin Bonello, Peter Gird



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