Quirky TV Commercial


A quirky script by client Y;R for LG was brought to life by Picture Tree.  With Darren “Whackhead’ Simpson as the face of the LG Chatterbox Pro the shoot was destined to be a laugh from the onset.

Director Oscar Strauss was called on to deliver a final product with pronounced colours and beautiful compositions – a la David la Chapelle – whilst staying true to the tongue-in-cheek brief from client.  With Donald Trump, Hugh Hefner and Eminem as inspiration, make-up guru Adi Cohen and art director Sue Steele had their work cut out; replicating the oh-so-awful toupee of Trump, the silky PJ’s of Hefner and the over the top  hip hop style of Eminem, together with believable backdrops for each scene. 

“Getting Whackhead into character was the easy part,’ adds Jackie Nel, producer at Picture Tree, “Having a perfectly styled set and wardrobe really pulled it all together, and Darren just slipped in and out of character. He was great to work with and Oscar had an easy job of making the script come to life.’

Strauss chose to shoot on the new Arriflex D21 HD camera; a decision which delivered unrivalled clarity and colour in the final online pictures.  “We are so pleased with the end result,’ adds Jackie, “It’s not just a funny script; it’s a beautifully composed and exciting picture.’


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