Stereo3D project for Channel 4


London-based Can Communicate is nearing completion on the challenging Stereo3D project for the UK’s Channel 4 Television. The project involves the complete production of four one hour Stereo3D programmes, and also the processing of three full length Stereo3D movies.

Two of the documentaries go under the banner ‘The Queen in 3D’ and feature footage shot in the last couple of months as well as rare Stereo3D footage from ‘Royal Review’ which was shot on film in 1953 at the Coronation. The latter is being aired in public for the very first time, having languished in the BFI archive for the last 50 years. Both films are co-productions with Renegade Pictures. All the Stereo3D correction and grading is being carried out on Can Communicate’s Quantel Pablo colour correction and finishing system.

Channel Four will broadcast the programs throughout the week of 16 November. It will utilise ColorCode display and viewing technology, a development of anaglyph which gives superior results and also allows viewers without glasses to view the material in 2D without the ghosting usually associated with anaglyph. Millions of pairs of ColorCode viewing glasses are being distributed through one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains.

The timescale for production is extremely tight, with Stereo3D online and correction work only started on 19 October. But with three Pablo stereographers working round the clock, Can Communicate is well on target to complete all the work in time. ;The beauty of Quantel is that if you shoot it right you can do it in realtime in post,; says Can Communicate partner, David Wooster.


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