Super5Media gets nod from Icasa


The new shareholding of Super5Media, previously known as Telkom Media, has been approved by the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa). However before it will be granted a broadcast licence, Super5Media must submit a shareholders’ agreement within 60 days, together with a written undertaking that it will not contravene the foreign ownership limit of 20%.

Super5Media is 75% owned by Chinese-led consortium Shenzhen Media. Of that 75 percent, 80% is owned by Imbani Media and 20% by Sino-Africa DG.

Super5Media spokesman Chris van Zyl said the company had complied with all regulations in terms of the sales agreement between Telkom and Shenzhen Media and had a licence to broadcast.

There was an outcry last August when Telkom sold its shares in its pay-TV operation Telkom Media to the Chinese consortium Shenzhen Media which automatically provided it with a subscription TV licence.
It is expected that Icasa’s decision to approve Super5Media’s shareholding changes and to issue it with a licence will be challenged by competitors.


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