Call for entries


Rooftop Films based in New York is accepting entries for the 2010 Rooftop Films Summer Series. Rooftop is dedicated to showcase new, independent films and emerging bands in unique outdoor locations.

Submit your movies! We are currently accepting submissions for the 2010 Rooftop Films Summer Series ( Submit your films and videos directly to Rooftop by downloading the submission form ( or you can submit via Without A Box (

The 2010 Summer Series will run from May through September and will feature more than 200 daring new films, all screened outdoors, in front of big, loyal audiences in parks, on boats, and on rooftops overlooking the greatest city in the world. More than 25 000 people attended Rooftop screenings in 2009, making it one of the biggest festivals for underground films in the world. Films of all genres, formats, and lengths, are shown as long as they’re daring, creative, and unique.

The deadline for entries is 5 December 2009.


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