A shield for active men


To promote its sponsorship of the combined soccer television show and competition known as the Golden Goal managed by Urban Events, Shield briefed Urban Brew to create a commercial that would create excitement around the event. Furthermore Shield had to be positioned  as the only men’s hygiene product that would be able to shield against germs and odours regardless of how active men were.

Says Freddy Louw, Urban Brew Executive Producer and Creative Director, “The roof top soccer shows are very exciting and are, without a doubt, very active because of the speed and force at which the game is played. The goal was to keep to the integrity of the creative look that had already been created with the print and poster campaign.

“We thought that turning the two players who are spearheading the promotion Tiko Modise and Siphiwe Tshabalala into robotic figures dueling for supremacy within the ‘dome’ which is an intimidating steel encased arena. The challenge was to show the complicated mechanics of the game while still keeping the explanation sequences exciting and attention grabbing. Our look was just an expansion on the gritty Mad Max style that we had been supplied with, our aim was to bring that to life through motion and animation, while still pointing focus back to the Shield brand.”

Urban Brew then briefed production studio Masters & Savant Worldwide JHB to create the sponsorship commercial.

Says Masters & Savant Worldwide JHB MD Roger Smythe, “The emphasis was on scale and action, and the robot concept brought home the idea of Titans. We decided to take a more graphical treatment but also keep in mind the existing artwork and the client’s references.”


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