World’s best e-Content


South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Communications Dina Pule will deliver a keynote address entitled E-Culture & Heritage at the World Summit Award Winners’ Conference, Exhibition and Gala, to be held in Monterrey, Mexico from 2 to 5 September.

The World Summit Award promotes the world’s best e-Content and is convened under the auspices of the Government of Mexico, the United Nations’ Global Alliance for ICT and Development Global Forum, Indigo Brainmedia, and several other business and government partners.

Awards will be conferred on 40 winning teams who excelled in eight different categories in multimedia and e-Content creation. The winners’ teams were selected from about 20,000 applications from all over the world.

Deputy Minister Pule is also scheduled to participate in a panel discussion focussing on the theme Bridging Digital Divides and Narrowing Content Gaps: Strategies and Challenges. She will also be one of the respondents selected to laud the winners under the theme Celebrating the Richness and Diversity of the World’s best e-Content and innovative ICT Applications.

The Conference will be a unique opportunity and an invitation to observe the best examples of tackling the main challenges of the new Information Society, and also to personally meet those behind the Best in the Content Industry, from e-Learning to e-Health and from e-Entertainment to e-Inclusion.

The Conference and other events will be dedicated to innovation and creative use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), which lack sustainable value if not driven by quality content.

The Conference convenors labour the point that “creativity is not bound to being rich in terms of material goods, infrastructure and access to networks. It is a natural resource of the human mind everywhere in the world. Bridging the digital divide is therefore a matter of content”.


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