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Africa’s first and only audiovisual media festival, production workshop and market exclusively designed for children and youth will take place at the Goethe-Institut in Nairobi, Kenya from 10 to 15 August. This fourth edition of Lola Kenya Screen will see internationally-acclaimed media and film experts convene to conduct the annual learn-as-you-do mentorship skill-development programmes, attend cutting edge conferences and exhibitions and network for the development of the audiovisual media sector in eastern Africa. More than 200 films from 50 countries and in 33 languages will be screened.

Among the highlights is a three-day conference bringing together independent producers of film, video and television in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, eastern Congo-Kinshasa, southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia. The aim of the conference is to explore and discuss ways in which the audiovisual media sector could be transformed into a viable and sustainable industry with proper policies to govern it. This summit is supported by UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France.
Other practical, hands-on, learn-as-you-do mentorship programmes through which Lola Kenya Screen explores, identifies and nurtures creative talent among children and youth in areas such as journalism, filmmaking, arts appreciation, and organisation and presentation of cultural and creative events, include Film Production with children (facilitated by Fina Sensada-Boixader of Spain), Creative Journalism (facilitated by Rut Gomez Sobrino of UNESCOCat, Spain), Television Drama for children and youth with adult filmmakers (facilitated by Anette Tony Hansen of Denmark for Prix Jeunesse of Germany), Critical Appreciation of Film (facilitated by Ogova Ondego of Kenya), and Event Organisation and Presentation (the mentor is yet to be confirmed).

“Five years after we were born in October 2005,” says founder and director Ogova Ondego, “Lola Kenya Screen continues to celebrate audiovisual media creativity, innovation and artistic excellence. And Lola Kenya Screen 2009, held on the theme, ‘The Cirle…’, shall be no exception.”

Lola Kenya Screen 2009 will showcase films in the following categories:

4th Lola Kenya Screen Golden Mboni Award Competition (For the Best Children’s Film)
(South African entry is Izulu Lami by Madoda Ncayiyana)

14-Plus Competition (For the Best Youth Film)
(South African entries are uGugu no Andile by Minky Schlesinger; Zimbabwe by Darrell James Roodt; and Babalwa’s Story by Charlene Houston)

Films by Students

Kids For Kids Africa Festival Competition

Films by Youth

Eastern Africa Prism
World Panorama
Television Series
Special Focus
a) First Light Movies, UK
b) The Best of Kids For Kids Festival 2008, Global
c) UNICEF-Fundacion Kine Cultural y Educativa, Argentina
d) Docs for Today & Tomorrow, Kenya

Stand Alones
Films Dubbed into Kiswahili
UNESCO Audiovisual E-Platform Special

For full line-up of films visit,,,, and several other online publications.


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