A “bakkie’ made for extreme sport


The latest Grey South Africa (Grey) TV commercials for the Mazda BT-50 takes viewers on a test drive so adventurous that it is akin to participating in an extreme sport.

Trevor Sacks, Grey Creative Director, explains the Mazda BT-50 has always been positioned as an adventure “bakkie’.

“With so much footage currently on TV featuring extreme sports, we felt we needed to handle the content differently. We still used extreme sports to show off the spirited and rugged nature of Mazda drivers but left a lot to the viewers’ imagination.’

To set the scene rather unlikely characters such as a timid IT manager and a city slicker businessman are seen entering a Mazda showroom and asking to test drive a BT-50. They are led towards the back of the showroom and kitted out in adventure gear such as a helmet and given a paddle, a spear gun, snorkel, mask, fins etc and disappear through a door looking very perplexed.

Finally they appear at the top of a cliff filthy and soaking wet with expressions of pure delight on their faces. Before the salesman can even continue they are telling him they want to buy the BT-50, as they’ve become instant converts to the BT-50 lifestyle due to whatever it was they experienced on their extreme sport expedition.

“Leaving the mental jump from an urban car dealership to a remote site in the bush up to the viewer’s imagination, hopefully ensures the viewers complete the story of the adventures the customer undergoes – according to what they would do if they owned a Mazda BT-50 and the outdoor opportunities it affords one.’


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