Lola Kenya Screen productions nominated for AMAAs


Films made by children aged between six and15 years during Lola Kenya Screen film production workshops have been nominated for the Africa Movie Academy
Awards (AMAAs), to take place in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria, on 4 April.

Nominated for Best Animation are Little Knowledge is Dangerous by Adede Hawi, Samora Michelle and Karama Ogova (2007); Manani Ogres by Joseph
Hongo, Marcus Joseph, Norrick Joseph and Samuel Musembi(2007); and Cheprono (2008).

Whereas the first two films were made under the guidance of Finnish tutor Maiki Kantola with the support of the Danish Film Institute, the latter was made under the facilitation of Egyptian Dr Eid Abdel Latif with the support of Africalia of Belgium.

Nominated for Best Documentary (Short Subject) is Santos The Survivor, a film on how an orphaned child survives in Nairobi made by Rupinder Jagdev in 2008 during a Lola Kenya Screen film production workshop. It was facilitated by Dutch documentary filmmaker Duco Tellegen with the support of the Jan Vrijman Fund/IDFA of The Netherlands.

Said Lola Kenya Screen founder and director Ogova Ondego: ”These nominations affirms that Lola Kenya Screen is on the right track. Though our films are made by children over a four-day period on zero-budget, they are able to successfully stand alongside those made by adult professionals. These nomination have emboldened us and given us more confidence to delve deeper into the jungle that is African filmmaking.”

Ondego, who produces Lola Kenya Screen productions, acknowleged the support of ComMattersKenya, Goethe-Institut in Kenya, The Danish Film Institute of Denmark, Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development, Jan Vrijman Fund of Holland and Africalia of Belgium.

Lola Kenya Screen films have been shown on all continents and won awards along the way. For more information log onto


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