eNews sponsor 2008 Soweto Festival


The 2008 Soweto Festival will take place from Wednesday 24 September to Sunday 28 September. Its media sponsor is eNews Channel.Adele Lucas Promotions (ALP) is promoting the event and the City of Johannesburg is hosting it.

It will take place for the first time at the University of Johannesburg Soweto campus on Old Potch Road.

This year it is the biggest annual event that takes place in Soweto and it incorporates, amongst others, a wedding expo, fashion shows, a leisure and lifestyle exhibition and a full music and entertainment programme.

On Wednesday 24 September, eNews Channel will start with a live broadcast from 6am to 8am with its morning show, Sunrise.

eNews Channel anchors will be at an eNews Channel stand sharing information with attendees regarding the TV industry.

At 11.15am on the same day, journalists Iman Rappetti and Jeremy Maggs will discuss the TV industry, the media in general as well as career opportunities in TV.

Throughout the festival, there will be an autocue and camera for people to try their hand at presenting and a large screen playing the footage of them.

Last year the Soweto Festival attracted more than 40 000 visitors. The Soweto Festival’s objective is to promote economic and community development and to highlight the heritage and culture of Soweto.


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