Animation and graphic design short courses


Cape Town-based creative media training provider SAE Institute is launching short courses in animation and graphic design for students unable to study full-time. The courses are designed for individuals who are already working within the creative industry who would welcome the opportunity to sharpen their skills or acquire a new design talent.

“We understand that many of our potential students simply don’t have the time to study full-time nor do they need the formality of a diploma or degree,’ says Marco Bettelli, MD for SAE Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.’ He continues, “The SAE Institute short courses address the needs of those looking to either “up-skill’ or perhaps move into a different creative sphere, and offers our expert training to accommodate their specific needs.’

With the first short course intake in September and the second enrolment in November, creative professionals will also be offered the opportunity to make use of the latest technology. For more information log onto


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