Buffet of food commercials


Over the last two months Picture Tree’s directors have served up buffet of food commercials. The recently completed commercials for Wimpy and Debonairs are currently on air and are the result of a crossover between the directing styles of three of Picture Tree’s directors: Alan Irvin, Gersh Kgamedi and Ian Difford.

The first of the commercials, directed by Ivinn, demonstrates just what it takes to clean up after Wimpy’s new Super Saucy Ribs. The spot, shot on location at an underground parking lot, shows a stuntman and brave performance artists being hosed down by a high pressure spray. The commercial was shot at 1000 frames per second with the Tornado camera.

The two new Debonairs spots shows how two directors can team up, to bring their own skills set to the shoot. Difford, a specialist tabletop director, shot all the food elements, with Kgamedi contributing the performance and comedic elements. The commercial for the new Triple Stack pizza, is a tongue-in-cheek look at the new offering. A family orders the Triple Stack, only to find, upon delivery, that dad has chosen to enjoy the meal with the delivery guy outside his house, rather than have to split it three ways with his family. The second commercial features the Real Deal offer.


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