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The collective’s first ever film festival, FYTA Films, will take place from 13 to 16 June in Johannesburg and is inspired by “the need to fight against young minds being numbed by stereotypes, conventions and trashy entertainment’. FYTA recognises that “while escapism is great, when it outweighs and white-washes all reason it becomes dangerous. FYTA Films also enables young filmmakers to tell their own stories. There are voices outside of Hollywood and FYTA is there to help uncover them amongst the true free spirits of society- the youth!’

This year FYTA joins forces with Mexican filmmakers to explore the common ground between the two countries – in film, in history and in daily life.

Entrance to all screenings and workshops at the festival is free. FYTA Films in 2008 is presented by the University of Johannesburg in association with the Gauteng Film Commission (CFC), Embassy of Mexico in RSA, Nedbank and UJFM. It will be held at theUniversity of Johannesburg’s FADA Building on Bunting Rd Auckland Park.

The Festival consists of three main categories:
1. Mexican-South African Film Showcase:
FYTA Films will screen several African premieres. In addition, filmmakers from both countries will be in attendance at screenings for discussions and workshops.
Guests: Some of the well-known Mexican guests include Elena Fortes Acosta, director of the Ambulante documentary festival run by Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, Flavio
Florencio, creator of the Africala festival which highlights the ancient connection between Africa and Latin America and the African roots present in South America.
Other guests include Alejandro Ripstein; son of veteran filmmaker Arturo Ripstein, Elisa Miller, winner of a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival last year and animator
Ricardo Arnaiz winner of a Mexican Academy award for The Legend of Nahuala.

2. Workshops and colloquia
With so many interesting visitors to FYTA, it is the ideal opportunity to provide young filmmakers with guidance and support in the form of exciting workshops.
These include:
Animation workshop hosted by Parlotones video director Claudio Pavan.
Plenary discussion surrounding the concept of “3rd Cinema’.
“Taking Film to the People’ – workshop on grassroots filmmaking and
A Documentary Roundtable.
Music Video workshop hosted by industry professionals.
Music Video competition allowing the winning director to choose from five bands
(Cutting Jade, Hikatori, Running with Scissors, Lonehill Estate & Holly and the
Woods) and direct their next music video.

Other events:
In addition to structured events, young filmmakers will be encouraged to mingle and view each others’ work in the Benign Bunker hosted by “Coal Stove’, an ideal
opportunity for networking.

3. Young Filmmakers Showcase
Emerging filmmakers, film students and anyone else with a story on film are invited to submit their work for exhibition at FYTA Films 2008. Throughout the festival, FYTA Films
will dedicate a screening venue to the work of young directors from both South Africa and Mexico.

For more information contact:
Marguelette Louw 082 445 3994
Nalisha Lalloo: 084 514 1806


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