Speedy online casting of voice artists


Voicebank, a service by which clients can search and access voice clips and artists via a website, was first launched in 2002. With new technology available, Voicebank decided to relaunch with a new site in February 2008.

Clients can now PowerSearch immediately from the homepage on the site and view a showcase of new talent and popular talent. The big techno change is that once you have registered, you will be able to access everything yourself in realtime instead of having to rely on a sound engineer to do it for you. You can download voice clips directly from the website and you can email voice clips to your clients and colleagues from the website at no cost.

Both voice artists and agents can benefit from the Voicebank service. Artists can now manage their profiles online and update their information including pictures, biographies, experience levels and more. Agents can also easily view which artists subscriptions have expired or will expire imminently.


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