Mars Delight “Car Chase’ shoots in Hungary


The Fabulous Boomtown Boys has just finished an exciting commercial for Future Films in Hungary. The action packed commercial had to incorporate suspense and Jeremy Goodall was the natural choice says Fabulous Boomtown Boys producer, CJ. “He has the experience with over 500 commercials under his belt and together with Robbi Smith from Camera Ready Cars we had a great team.’

The commercial opens on a high-speed car chase. A beautiful woman in a Mustang is being pursued by two police cars throughout the city. They come to an unfinished bridge, which as the viewer you think is going to end in certain death, and she makes the jump, while the police cars screech up to the edge of the bridge. The Mustang lands on the road below and spins around. The woman gets out of the car, puts on her police jacket and cap, and takes out her Mars bar. She has won. The viewer is left with the realisation that the whole thing was a training exercise – wow what a ride!

“Fortunately unlike other SA production companies Jeremy and Liza from Feelgood Films were open to us using Jeremy Goodall for this commercial,’ says CJ. “This bodes well for future commercials coming into this country, as in this case where different production companies came together and created such an exciting commercial.’


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