New logo for Frieze


Boutique production house Frieze Films has kicked off 2008 with a revitalised logo which is more fluid and contemporary than that decided on when the company opened doors some 10 years ago.

In addition, the new logo graphically suggests how Frieze Films’ core competencies synergise to provide its clients with a seamless, streamlined service.

Executive producer Jo Barber explains: “At Frieze Films, our strengths are myriad but overall they’re grounded in the fact that we define ourselves with conceptual and stylish filmmaking. One the one front, our culture attracts directors, such as Tony Baggott, Leigh Ogilvie and Steve Tanchel, who come from strong visual backgrounds, be it cinematography, music videos or photography. On the other, production support is offered with a high standard of professionalism and client care. Finally, there’s our experienced research capability that supports the directors and production personnel with strong creative ideas that are embedded in production solutions for individual scripts.

“Bringing these three core competencies together creates a creatively-led director-based company offering a strong production service for both local international commercials. This is reflected by our new logo’s dynamism.’


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