Oscars shortlist foreign films


Nine films from around the world have been shortlisted for the Best Foreign Language Film category of the Oscars. The final five nominees will be announced, together with all other category nominees, on 22 January.

Surprisingly, Julian Schabel’s French-language film “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ has not been shortlisted, despite being nominated for most of the awards events leading up to the Oscars.

The nine shortlisted films are: “The Counterfeiters’ (Austria); “The Year My Parents Went on Vacation’ (Brazil); “Days of Darkness’ (Canada); “Beaufort’ (Israel); “The Unknown’ (Italy); “Mongol’ (Kazakhstan); “Katyn’ (Poland); “12′ (Russia); and “The Trap’ (Serbia).

Two other high profile foreign language films not shortlisted were “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days’ (Romania) and “Persepolis’ (France).


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