Strange WGA Strike By-Product


With the month-long WGA (Writers Guild of America) strike currently crippling TV and film production in Hollywood, the “Los Angeles Times’ raised an interesting point in its 1 December issue – does on-set improvisational dialogue from actors who are also WGA members constitute crossing the picket line?

Due to the strike, the normal process of on-set script polishing by writers has been eliminated with the result that some filmmakers and WGA members are unsure about what is permissible.

Meanwhile, although talks between the WGA and the AMPTP (Association of Motion Picture & Television Producers) resumed on 4 December, there is little hope for a quick resolution.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the WGA is to deliver a counterproposal to the AMPTP’s recent offer relating to residuals for new media streaming. The WGA proposes fixed compensation rates that are also graduated in increments tied to viewership rates.


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